Rcm Medium lagguge PP-02

Category: Medium Suitcases, RCM, Travel Equipment
Cabin Case RCM made of lightweight, high-strength material (polypropylene).
-It has an ergonomic handle at the top and 4 double wheels that turn 360 degrees 
to slide it easily and without weight in all directions.
-Opens circularly with a zipper for easy access inside.
-One inner side has elastic cross straps, so that your items do not move 
while you travel, while the other side closes with a zipper cover and a net pocket for your small items. 
In addition, it has a TSA lock with a 3-way combination on the outside of the side of the suitcase, 
and the possibility of expanding space that gives an additional 4 cm perimeter.

Dimensions: 67x44x27 up to 30 cm
Capacity: 65 + 9L with Expansion
Weight: 3.5 kg.
Rcm Large Lagguge PP-02
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