LazyDayz-Designs-Crossbody-bag-γυναικεία-τσάντα-χιαστί-χειροποίητη na04
LazyDayz-Designs-Crossbody-bag-γυναικεία-τσάντα-χιαστί-χειροποίητη na04b

LazyDayz Designs Agape Utopia Crossbody Bag NA04


Agape Utopia is a small crossbody bag, one of our cutest designs, ideal for a night out with friends or a morning walk in the market.

You can pack it for your vacation, it takes literally no space! Put inside your phone, money and other essentials and off you go!

Like with all our printed designs, Agape is made from a digitally printed, high-quality and water repellent fabric.

This stylish purse has a semicircular flap with a magnetic button closure, with different prints on each side, just for the fun of it.

The strap is jute and all parts that seem to you as leather, don’t be fooled..they’re not! Vegan friendly material, having the looks, but not the cruelty involved.

As with all handmade goodies out there, wipe clean only, handle with care and love!

WEIGHT 0.150 kg
DIMENSIONS 28 × 7 × 23 cm
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Meet Agape, our small crossbody bag, stylish and cute as hell! One of our newest designs, Agape is ideal for your girls nights out.

We wanted to create an alternative purse, for the alternative girls out there! You can also hold it as a pochette or use it as a vanity case, for your toiletries etc. but we strongly recommend it for outdoor use.

Agape is one of our best sellers when it comes to gifts, since it’s so easy to wear, covers all tastes and has a great price.

Perfect for spring and summer outfits, it’s super lightweight and easy to flat pack if you travel, it takes literally no space.

Stand out with such a fresh, elegant and unique crossbody bag, it’s a guaranteed eye-catcher!

Designed and handcrafted in Thessaloniki, Greece. 100% Greek, proud, product!

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