LazyDayz-Designs-Backpack-γυναικείος-σάκος-πλάτης-χειροποίητος bb0802
LazyDayz-Designs-Backpack-γυναικείος-σάκος-πλάτης-χειροποίητος bb0802b
LazyDayz-Designs-Backpack-γυναικείος-σάκος-πλάτης-χειροποίητος bb0802c

Lazy Dayz Designs Efterpi Achillion Backpack bb0802


Efterpi Achillion is our largest baby, a high quality and low maintenance bag, ideal for wanderers.

It’s great for traveling, just pick the place for a weekend trip and pack your essentials!

Like with all our printed designs, is made from a printed, water repellent fabric and comes with different prints on each side, just for the fun of it!

This backpack comes with an exterior zipped pocket on the back  and two inner pockets, where one is zipped.

A flap on the top makes the bag more attractive as a great mix and match is accomplished through the joining of the different prints.

The strap is cotton and all parts that seem to you as leather, don’t be fooled..they’re not! Vegan friendly material, having the looks, but not the cruelty involved.

As with all handmade goodies out there, wipe clean only, handle with care and love!

WEIGHT 0.550 kg
DIMENSIONS 41 × 14 × 48 cm
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Efterpi Achillion, is our largest printed backpack that can carry everything you may need, either for a day in the city or for your weekend excursion!

Perfect for spring and summer outfits, it’s super lightweight and easy to flat pack if you travel, it takes literally no space.

Stand out with such a fresh, elegant and unique backpack, it’s a guaranteed eye-catcher!

Wear it all day long and stand out from the crowd, we don’t make ordinary bags!

It comes with a large flap and a top zip underneath it for extra safety.

Designed and handcrafted in Thessaloniki, Greece. 100% Greek, proud, product!